Friday, July 26, 2013

Vast Applications for Rugged Vehicle Mount Computers

Gain Mobility with “Hot Swappable” Abilities

The expansion of mobility computing is transforming the way data collection projects are completed. From industrial handheld barcode scanners to ruggedized in-vehicle computers, vehicle mount mobility is essential for successful in-field data capture operations. Some AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture) manufacturers supply distributors and value-added resellers with mobile computers that can be mounted and demounted in forklifts, police cruisers, trucks and other work-related vehicles. This is called “hot swapping.”  Also sometimes called “hot plugging,” these kinds of mobile computers supply end users with best-in-class features and an enhanced productivity rate thanks to the ease of computer-to-mount separation. Suitable for many industries, vehicle mount computers are ideal for applications in areas such as construction, industrial sites, ports and intermodal transportation emergency response, warehousing and other in-field operations.

Warehouses, Ports & Intermodal Transportation Facilities & Field Applications

When it comes to ports and intermodal transportation, vehicle mount computers are a lifesaver. From forklifts to cranes, these durable devices supply employees with the reliability and connectivity required to get the job done. Oversized, bright screens overcome the sun’s ability to drown out screen visibility and remain easy to see. They also operate in inclement weather. This feature is especially helpful when workers load and unload ships stocked full of products. Efficiency is no longer sacrificed due to mediocre technology. Seamless and fast barcode scanning allows for more productivity and simplified data input.

Warehousing is another area where implementing vehicle mount computers can make all the difference. Mobility is maximized with computers that enhance warehouse scanning in areas such as receiving, picking, putaway and packing and shipping. In-vehicle computers stand out due to their strong performance for putaway projects. Other vehicle mount computers supply end users with fully-mappable keypads for added versatility and long-distance scanning abilities for accurate, aggressing scanning. ToughTalk Technology is built-in to industry-leading vehicle mount computers so warehousing employees can benefit from improved voice recognition in noisy environments. A number of these computers are now “hot swappable” between pieces of handling equipment, which provides additional mobility.   

With regards to field operations, vehicle-mount computers help drive the force for meeting service level agreements (SLAs). They play a major part in increasing customer satisfaction rates and offer businesses a much higher ROI than less versatile in-vehicle computers. The industry’s leading manufacturers understand the vital importance of providing remotely located employees with clear, instant and dependable communication channels. Organizations that deploy “hot swappable” vehicle mount computers deploy intelligent devices made to be regularly moved and operated in industrial and even hazardous environments.  

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