Friday, July 26, 2013

How To Pick the Right Barcode Scanner & Data Collection Software

Most barcode scanner hardware comes ready with software and does not require any specialized software for operation. However, in specialized applications, barcode scanner software may be necessary. Barcoding software provides added functionality for scanners and scanning systems.

Barcode Scanner Output & Software Compatibility

Make sure to check to see if your scanner uses a USB (Universal Serial Bus) or RS232 port. Both types of connectivity affect implementation of your scanner device into an entire POS or data collection system, in addition to the type of software that should be used.

Types of Barcode Scanner Software

Device Management Software

Large enterprises need mobile device management software to update and keep track of all of their data collection devices. Device management software allows administrators to power, update software, ensure proper configuration and check performance for hundreds of barcode scanners and other devices across multiple offices. Mobility scanning can make your business’ data vulnerable. Finding the right software for device authentication, stolen device detection and file encryption is essential for securing business assets. Device management software can help to keep track of barcode scanner, wearable computer, mobile computers and more.

Barcode Decoding Software

The type of barcode decoding software you will need depends on the type of barcode symbologies to be read. 1D barcode symbologies are what we are most familiar with, found on our groceries and most of our other store bought items. These UPC codes store data regarding price and item description. 2D barcodes include the increasingly popular QR code, PDF417 (found on U.S. driver’s licenses) and Datamatrix. 1D barcode symbologies can be read by a typical laser scanner, while 2D barcodes require an area image scanner.

It is important when purchasing a barcode scanner to know what type of software the scanner supports. A better barcode decoding software will allow you to read damaged barcode, wrinkled codes or plastic-covered barcodes. Additionally it will read better on the first scanner pass, increasing speed with which data may be collected with the scanner. A good barcode decoding software means less no-reads and faster, accurate data collection.

Inventory Management & Asset Tracking Software

Barcode scanners and mobile computers are used by various verticals to accomplish up-to-the-minute inventory management and asset tracking. Accurate asset tracking allows executives to at all times know where items are and where they are headed next. This real-time data allows instant identification of theft. Asset tracking software can track anything from government vehicle fleets to retail sales information.

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