Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Barcode Scanner Software Solutions for Data Collection in Verticals

From device management to decoding barcode data, barcode scanner software offers data collection solutions for numerous verticals. Industry-specific platforms help enterprises in markets like retail, healthcare, warehousing and logistics maximize productivity and scanning accuracy with software options that meet specific needs. Whether a company is looking to integrate added mobility through scanner management or wants faster scanning times, industry-leading manufacturers offer intelligent software programs built for rugged mobile computers, multi form factor hand-held scanners and reliable wireless barcode scanners.

Device Management Software for mobility and secure network control
Device Management Software for mobility and secure network control
Common barcode scanner software programs are designed for improved device management. Remote Mastermind is a scanning device management program that consolidates barcode scanner monitoring into one, single console. With the ability to surveillance network devices from anywhere in the world, this powerful program updates scanner software, configures devices deals with several operating systems and supervises essential performance indicators. Performing these actions separately can be very time consuming and reduce accuracy. However, Remote Mastermind software completes these tasks effectively, without any needed assistance. Aside from providing IT administrators with maximum mobility and remote flexibility, this software program increases customer satisfaction via efficient wireless barcode scanner and mobile computer performance. By increasing everyday operational efficiency and minimizing downtime, Remote Mastermind barcode scanner software drives higher ROI (Return on Investment) while lowering TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Decoding Software & Terminal Emulation Offer Better Accuracy and Access to Legacy Applications

Barcode Scanner Software for Data Decoding
Barcode Scanner Software for Data Decoding
Other popular barcode scanner software examples include barcode decoding software and terminal emulation. Barcode decoding software engines such as SwiftDecoder® parses data on up to 71% more barcodes that competing programs. Accuracy and high volume scanning throughput is the name of the game when it comes to top shelf decoding software. Originally designed over 20 years ago to provide damaged barcode scanning solutions, Remote Mastermind has evolved to provide best-in-class performances that scan a vast variety of barcodes up to 40 times faster than the competition. Terminal emulation barcode scanner software allows user to access legacy applications on mobile computers. In the midst of technological advancements, terminal emulation software helps businesses streamline productivity with compatible software that assists with older program integration. Otherwise rendered useless, legacy applications still offer relevancy with the use of terminal emulation software.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Dedicated Wireless Barcode Scanners Help a Variety of Vertical Industries

From healthcare to retail to warehousing, wireless barcode scanners fit the bill when considering company needs for cutting-edge mobile barcode reader technology. Quality manufacturers build cordless scanners that are compatible with next generation barcode scanner software for increased mobility, uninterrupted wireless connectivity and advanced barcode scanning security. These industrial barcode readers are industry-ready, featuring extended read range. These barcode readers can read damaged, worn or torn barcodes and withstand extreme environmental conditions. 

honeywell xenon 1900 area imaging scanner

Hand-Held and Cordless Scanners for Hospitals, Doctor’s Offices and Other Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare offices and care centers implement these wireless barcode scanners for added admission efficiency, increased point of care effectiveness and enhanced staff mobility. For instance, the Xenon 1900 Area-Imaging Scanner  (left) features versatile scanning abilities and incredible barcode reading speeds. Durable and lightweight, this particular wireless barcode scanner resists chemical exposure and harsh environments that damage unprotected scanners. Wireless barcode scanners designed for the healthcare industry assist personnel throughout each stage of management. From admissions to point of care, barcode scanner manufacturers are blazing a trail for maximized barcode reading accuracy in the healthcare field. 

Mobile Computers: Transforming Retail & Warehouse Management

2d barcode example
New 2D barcode scanner software technologies are revolutionizing POS (Point of Sale) management. An example of a 2D (two-dimensional) barcode is located to the right. A wide array of mobile computers are streamlining checkout processes, offering restaurants, bars and retail stores integrated wireless barcode scanners that supply lightning fast data capture, increased inventory accuracy and maximized customer engagement. POS mobile computers that scan both linear and matrix 2D barcodes parse through data efficiently while keeping sensitive information secure. Many mobile computers feature integrated Magnetic Stripe Readers (MSRs)  that encrypt customer data.

Effective warehouse inventory management devices require extreme ruggedness and strong industrial design. Robust and durable, industrial mobile devices drive improved mobility and stocking accuracy. Whether a business has needs for voice picking, mobile scanning or remote location reading, industrial grade mobile computers have expanded warehousing management potential. Many can withstand extreme conditions and temperatures. Devices such as the MX9 Cold Storage Mobile Computer can operate under temperatures as low as -22 degrees Fahrenheit, making it an ideal purchase for businesses with temperature sensitive inventory. From being able to survive 6 foot drops to operating in hazardous chemical filled environments, ultra-rugged mobile computers simplify warehousing management tasks in receiving, putaway, picking and packing and shipping departments via efficient, accurate data collection.  

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Next Gen Scanning Device Management Software to Increase Business Efficiency

Revolutionizing Scanning & Mobile Device Management, 4.0 Style

Device management for barcode scanners, mobile computers and other wireless devices is integral for enterprise success.  Proper mobile device management comes in the form of software platforms that supply organizations with the tools IT administrators need to update mobile devices, troubleshoot device issues remotely and manipulate security settings if necessary.  Around the world, industry-leading manufacturers challenge the status quo every day, creating next generation software solutions.  Remote MasterMind 4.0TM, a new scanning device management software platform, rolled out recently in July.  From device manipulation to security to software updates to a lofty ROI, this software provides the turnkey solutions needed to fuel better business efficiency and hardware control. 

Deploying Remote Control, Mobility Tracking & Security

Remote MasterMind (ReM) 4.0 is cutting edge; an upgraded version of the AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture) industry’s first integrated mobile and scanning device management software platform.  In the wake of growing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program practices, companies are searching for better software security.  This platform strengthens password protection, making company server hacking much more difficult.  Should a mobile computer device get hacked or stolen, IT administrators can remotely utilize ReM 4.0 to wipe the device.  This breaks the bond between the compromised device and the server, minimizing chances for further intrusion.          
ReM 4.0 also offers the luxury of controlling IT activities and ensuring proper device functionality through a single dashboard.  This saves enterprises a large chunk of money and time by reducing the need for physical space and an excessive number of IT administrators.  Remote device control has expanded to supply admins with the ability to control entire sets and subsets of mobile barcode scanning devices while tracking individual devices and their travel routes.  Businesses searching for a device management software platform that offers faster software updates, simplified training, seamless deployment and more can find it all wrapped in a pretty little ReM 4.0 package.     

Specific Mobile versus Scanning Device Management Benefits

Because ReM 4.0 integrates device management for both mobile devices and industrial barcode scanners, there are specific benefits for each niche.  Supportive and powerful, ReM 4.0 for mobile device management answers the call for enhanced metrics, redesigned web consoles, help desk tools, automated alert notifications, asset management, device provisioning and much more.  Multi-vendor and mobile operating system support covers mobile personal and company devices running on Microsoft®, Windows®, Google®, Android® and Apple® iOS operating systems.  This includes popular devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Series and the DolphinTM 70e Black

Boasting many of the same features as mobile device management, ReM 4.0 supplies barcode device management managers with additional benefits.  From reduced carbon footprints to shortened resolution time to optimized IT capital expenditure scanning, this industry-leading device management software platform minimizes scanner downtime and deployment costs.  With the amazing ability to administer control over any data collection device within a network from anywhere in the world, ReM 4.0 really is the total package. 

Friday, July 26, 2013

How To Pick the Right Barcode Scanner & Data Collection Software

Most barcode scanner hardware comes ready with software and does not require any specialized software for operation. However, in specialized applications, barcode scanner software may be necessary. Barcoding software provides added functionality for scanners and scanning systems.

Barcode Scanner Output & Software Compatibility

Make sure to check to see if your scanner uses a USB (Universal Serial Bus) or RS232 port. Both types of connectivity affect implementation of your scanner device into an entire POS or data collection system, in addition to the type of software that should be used.

Types of Barcode Scanner Software

Device Management Software

Large enterprises need mobile device management software to update and keep track of all of their data collection devices. Device management software allows administrators to power, update software, ensure proper configuration and check performance for hundreds of barcode scanners and other devices across multiple offices. Mobility scanning can make your business’ data vulnerable. Finding the right software for device authentication, stolen device detection and file encryption is essential for securing business assets. Device management software can help to keep track of barcode scanner, wearable computer, mobile computers and more.

Barcode Decoding Software

The type of barcode decoding software you will need depends on the type of barcode symbologies to be read. 1D barcode symbologies are what we are most familiar with, found on our groceries and most of our other store bought items. These UPC codes store data regarding price and item description. 2D barcodes include the increasingly popular QR code, PDF417 (found on U.S. driver’s licenses) and Datamatrix. 1D barcode symbologies can be read by a typical laser scanner, while 2D barcodes require an area image scanner.

It is important when purchasing a barcode scanner to know what type of software the scanner supports. A better barcode decoding software will allow you to read damaged barcode, wrinkled codes or plastic-covered barcodes. Additionally it will read better on the first scanner pass, increasing speed with which data may be collected with the scanner. A good barcode decoding software means less no-reads and faster, accurate data collection.

Inventory Management & Asset Tracking Software

Barcode scanners and mobile computers are used by various verticals to accomplish up-to-the-minute inventory management and asset tracking. Accurate asset tracking allows executives to at all times know where items are and where they are headed next. This real-time data allows instant identification of theft. Asset tracking software can track anything from government vehicle fleets to retail sales information.

Vast Applications for Rugged Vehicle Mount Computers

Gain Mobility with “Hot Swappable” Abilities

The expansion of mobility computing is transforming the way data collection projects are completed. From industrial handheld barcode scanners to ruggedized in-vehicle computers, vehicle mount mobility is essential for successful in-field data capture operations. Some AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture) manufacturers supply distributors and value-added resellers with mobile computers that can be mounted and demounted in forklifts, police cruisers, trucks and other work-related vehicles. This is called “hot swapping.”  Also sometimes called “hot plugging,” these kinds of mobile computers supply end users with best-in-class features and an enhanced productivity rate thanks to the ease of computer-to-mount separation. Suitable for many industries, vehicle mount computers are ideal for applications in areas such as construction, industrial sites, ports and intermodal transportation emergency response, warehousing and other in-field operations.

Warehouses, Ports & Intermodal Transportation Facilities & Field Applications

When it comes to ports and intermodal transportation, vehicle mount computers are a lifesaver. From forklifts to cranes, these durable devices supply employees with the reliability and connectivity required to get the job done. Oversized, bright screens overcome the sun’s ability to drown out screen visibility and remain easy to see. They also operate in inclement weather. This feature is especially helpful when workers load and unload ships stocked full of products. Efficiency is no longer sacrificed due to mediocre technology. Seamless and fast barcode scanning allows for more productivity and simplified data input.

Warehousing is another area where implementing vehicle mount computers can make all the difference. Mobility is maximized with computers that enhance warehouse scanning in areas such as receiving, picking, putaway and packing and shipping. In-vehicle computers stand out due to their strong performance for putaway projects. Other vehicle mount computers supply end users with fully-mappable keypads for added versatility and long-distance scanning abilities for accurate, aggressing scanning. ToughTalk Technology is built-in to industry-leading vehicle mount computers so warehousing employees can benefit from improved voice recognition in noisy environments. A number of these computers are now “hot swappable” between pieces of handling equipment, which provides additional mobility.   

With regards to field operations, vehicle-mount computers help drive the force for meeting service level agreements (SLAs). They play a major part in increasing customer satisfaction rates and offer businesses a much higher ROI than less versatile in-vehicle computers. The industry’s leading manufacturers understand the vital importance of providing remotely located employees with clear, instant and dependable communication channels. Organizations that deploy “hot swappable” vehicle mount computers deploy intelligent devices made to be regularly moved and operated in industrial and even hazardous environments.  

Industrial Data Collection with 2D Barcode Scanning

Mobile Computers are Changing AIDC

Mobility is key when it comes to business-critical data capture missions. Wireless barcode scanners help to overcome challenges, including helping employees reach hard to scan items with data capture technology that can read barcodes from longer distances.  Even if barcodes are worn, torn or otherwise damaged, certain high-throughput wireless devices are able to scan mangled barcodes with equal efficiency. 

Industrial barcode scanners boast the same features, but are designed with industrial applications in mind. Many top-shelf industrial scanners are manufactured with dust-proof and water-proof housings, and are rubberized to deter drop damage. Business-ready for application in numerous verticals, numerous models of industrial barcode scanners are offered in many form factors. With built-in advanced technology, today’s scanning devices provide universal ADC (Automatic Data Capture) solutions from healthcare to warehousing to transportation. 

Versatile, Rugged Design

Made for rigorous use, 2d barcode scanners and industrial hazardous location mobile computers are ideal for applications in extreme environments. Certified for hazardous location usage, these computers are strong enough to operate in the harshest conditions.  From chemical sites to oil and gas environments to aircraft refueling, rugged barcode scanners can meet any tough environment challenge. Incredible durability offers industrial employees mobile computing devices that lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and still function properly after experiencing multiple 6’ plus drops and 1 meter tumbles.   

Externally rugged and internally intelligent, these mobile computers offer next generation software that advances efficiency with real-time access to imperative data.  Intuitive Adaptus® Imaging Technology drives multitasking potential with superior image capturing and fast scanning speeds.    

The versatility of mobile computers doesn’t stop there. Numerous industrial barcode scanners also come in vehicle-mount form factors. Whether staff members require work trucks or massive forklifts, these devices ensure productivity through durable housings and turnkey software solutions. Some in-vehicle computers fuel further mobility thanks to innovative “hot swappable” features. Mobile in-vehicle computers are “hot swappable” when they can be detached from mounts for maximized device mobility. 

From Warehousing to Ports & Intermodal Transportation

These kinds of mobile computers are ideal for warehousing sites, ports and intermodal transportation areas. Whether warehousing employees need to pack and ship, pick, put away or receive items, industrial 2D and wireless barcode scanners exceed demands thanks to accurate scanning, added mobility and cutting-edge voice recognition. The role mobile barcode scanners play in ports and intermodal transportation is an important one. From connectivity to efficiency to security to reliability, linear and 2D barcode scanners play an integral role in helping staff complete AIDC projects successfully. Oversized, bright displays help employees see well, regardless of sunlight or glare. Real-time data entry and retrieval is possible thanks to seamless wireless connections. Cargo safety and security is ensured throughout data capturing processes thanks to the latest advancements in barcode scanning software. No matter what tasks you desire in 2D barcode scanners, manufacturers offer a vast array of industrial options, in-vehicle devices and mobile computers designed specifically for use in hazardous atmospheres.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

How Barcoding Helps To Increase Pharmacy Efficiency & Safety

Retail pharmacies and hospital pharmacies rely on healthcare barcode scanning systems to correctly verify patient information, update patient records and ensure patients receive the correct amount of medication.
 Medical errors claim thousands of lives in the U.S. each year. Implementing a pharmacy barcode system reduces the chances of human error, saving time and money for pharmacies and keeping patients safe from dangerous medication errors. 

In fact, the FDA requires medication and drug manufacturers to place a barcode that indicates the item’s National Drug Code (NDC) on the drug’s container or packaging.
Hospitals and pharmacies also use advanced data collection devices that have dual barcode scanner and optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities in order to capture data from important documents like prescription cards or insurance cards. Healthcare scanners are often built with a disinfectant-ready housing, to protect the device’s mechanical and outer components from the wear and harmful effects of most cleaning solutions.

Pharmacy barcode scanners and data collection devices help to:
  • ·         Ensure accurate filling of medication packages and bottles
  • ·         Associate medical bottles to a patient’s medical file
  • ·         Track and manage off-site medication storage

Implementation of pharmacy barcode scanning systems is the greatest challenge to using a barcode scanning system for patient care. Staff is often not well trained on using the hardware and software, leading to frustration and sometimes unwillingness to adopt the new technology.

Choosing a Healthcare Barcode Scanner

To find the best healthcare for pharmacy barcode scanner, try to choose a company that specializes in this vertical. Additionally, it is essential that you look at reviews of any wireless products regarding battery life, as battery life draining during critical medications administration could put patients in danger. Make sure to assess the ruggedness of the barcode scanner in relationship to the applications for which they will be used.

 Other Medical Uses for Scanners

Direct Part Mark (DPM) scanners are used to track and verify essential medical equipment for surgeries. DPM scanners read barcodes that are recessed into the surface of the object to be scanned.

Barcode scanners are also used to keep track of hospital admissions, specimen collection in laboratories, materials management and point-of-care administration and management.