Friday, July 26, 2013

Industrial Data Collection with 2D Barcode Scanning

Mobile Computers are Changing AIDC

Mobility is key when it comes to business-critical data capture missions. Wireless barcode scanners help to overcome challenges, including helping employees reach hard to scan items with data capture technology that can read barcodes from longer distances.  Even if barcodes are worn, torn or otherwise damaged, certain high-throughput wireless devices are able to scan mangled barcodes with equal efficiency. 

Industrial barcode scanners boast the same features, but are designed with industrial applications in mind. Many top-shelf industrial scanners are manufactured with dust-proof and water-proof housings, and are rubberized to deter drop damage. Business-ready for application in numerous verticals, numerous models of industrial barcode scanners are offered in many form factors. With built-in advanced technology, today’s scanning devices provide universal ADC (Automatic Data Capture) solutions from healthcare to warehousing to transportation. 

Versatile, Rugged Design

Made for rigorous use, 2d barcode scanners and industrial hazardous location mobile computers are ideal for applications in extreme environments. Certified for hazardous location usage, these computers are strong enough to operate in the harshest conditions.  From chemical sites to oil and gas environments to aircraft refueling, rugged barcode scanners can meet any tough environment challenge. Incredible durability offers industrial employees mobile computing devices that lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and still function properly after experiencing multiple 6’ plus drops and 1 meter tumbles.   

Externally rugged and internally intelligent, these mobile computers offer next generation software that advances efficiency with real-time access to imperative data.  Intuitive Adaptus® Imaging Technology drives multitasking potential with superior image capturing and fast scanning speeds.    

The versatility of mobile computers doesn’t stop there. Numerous industrial barcode scanners also come in vehicle-mount form factors. Whether staff members require work trucks or massive forklifts, these devices ensure productivity through durable housings and turnkey software solutions. Some in-vehicle computers fuel further mobility thanks to innovative “hot swappable” features. Mobile in-vehicle computers are “hot swappable” when they can be detached from mounts for maximized device mobility. 

From Warehousing to Ports & Intermodal Transportation

These kinds of mobile computers are ideal for warehousing sites, ports and intermodal transportation areas. Whether warehousing employees need to pack and ship, pick, put away or receive items, industrial 2D and wireless barcode scanners exceed demands thanks to accurate scanning, added mobility and cutting-edge voice recognition. The role mobile barcode scanners play in ports and intermodal transportation is an important one. From connectivity to efficiency to security to reliability, linear and 2D barcode scanners play an integral role in helping staff complete AIDC projects successfully. Oversized, bright displays help employees see well, regardless of sunlight or glare. Real-time data entry and retrieval is possible thanks to seamless wireless connections. Cargo safety and security is ensured throughout data capturing processes thanks to the latest advancements in barcode scanning software. No matter what tasks you desire in 2D barcode scanners, manufacturers offer a vast array of industrial options, in-vehicle devices and mobile computers designed specifically for use in hazardous atmospheres.

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