Thursday, July 25, 2013

Handheld Barcode Scanners, Plus Added Mobility

2D Scanning Attachments for Apple® iPod Touch®

From healthcare to retail to other POS environments, the latest in computing technologies can make all the difference when it comes to customer and patient engagement.  There are several kinds of hand-held and wireless barcode scanners that give employees the added mobility and efficiency needed to help individuals faster.  Just as barcodes have come a long way, so have barcode scanners.  Numerous manufacturers understand the vital nature of implementing progressive technology in vertical markets.  To stay ahead of the curve, rugged yet lightweight barcode scanners are produced for applications in warehouse management, point-of-sale environments, healthcare and transportation.  
The New Enterprise Sled Drives Productivity for Retail

Retail stores can implement next generation technologies that attach to the Apple® iPod Touch® for impressive linear and 2D scanning features.  Not only do staff members have the ability to check on the inventory status of products in front of a customer; they also have the flexibility to complete a customer transaction with incredible speed, accuracy and secure MSR (magnetic stripe reader) security.  Built to last, Enterprise Sleds keep private transactional information safe.  From the time a customer walks in a store to the time they reach the checkout counter, this handy little Apple attachment can transform an iPod Touch® into a customer retention tool and POS life saver for players in the retail industry.

The technology behind these compact sled attachments challenges the status quo with aggressive scanning mechanisms, durable exteriors, intelligent designs and out-of-this-world benefits.  For instance, one of many advantages in utilizing the CaptuvoTM SL22 Enterprise Sled is the device lowers transaction times by a whopping 95% thanks to EasyDLTM software.  
Rapid, Lightweight Scanning for Hospital Staff

Aside from its many uses in retail, Enterprise Sled attachments are also applicable in the healthcare industry.  By manufacturing hospital-ready versions, companies supply sled attachment devices that run on high performing AdaptusTM Imaging Technology for aggressive scanning reliability.  With Enterprise Sleds, nurses and doctors have their patients’ information at their fingertips throughout the day and can be updated if serious matters arise.  Allergies, information, procedure notes and prescriptions are kept secure for maximized patient safety.  And when it comes to germs and bacteria, these durable sled attachments can stand up to the harsh disinfectants hospitals require.  Their ruggedized housings are designed to withstand repetitive cleanings for ensured sterility. 
From small doctor offices to regional hospitals, the healthcare field benefits very well from these intuitive scanning technologies.  Whether a patient requires point-of-care assessments, is in need of medicine or requires specimen collection, Enterprise Sleds never miss a beat.  Able to scan curled, high density or poor quality barcodes, healthcare AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture) has never been made easier.    

Designed for your Specific Needs

There are all kinds of barcode scanners out there.  The important thing for folks to remember is that quality manufacturers who make worthy products aren’t hard to find. Also, these products span many applications and come in a number of business-ready form factors.  From retail and point-of-care enhancing sled attachments to industrial 2D barcode scanners, businesses can harness themselves with the latest in mobility technologies for astounding improvements in staff communications, employee-to-customer interactions and more. 

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