Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Next Gen Scanning Device Management Software to Increase Business Efficiency

Revolutionizing Scanning & Mobile Device Management, 4.0 Style

Device management for barcode scanners, mobile computers and other wireless devices is integral for enterprise success.  Proper mobile device management comes in the form of software platforms that supply organizations with the tools IT administrators need to update mobile devices, troubleshoot device issues remotely and manipulate security settings if necessary.  Around the world, industry-leading manufacturers challenge the status quo every day, creating next generation software solutions.  Remote MasterMind 4.0TM, a new scanning device management software platform, rolled out recently in July.  From device manipulation to security to software updates to a lofty ROI, this software provides the turnkey solutions needed to fuel better business efficiency and hardware control. 

Deploying Remote Control, Mobility Tracking & Security

Remote MasterMind (ReM) 4.0 is cutting edge; an upgraded version of the AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture) industry’s first integrated mobile and scanning device management software platform.  In the wake of growing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program practices, companies are searching for better software security.  This platform strengthens password protection, making company server hacking much more difficult.  Should a mobile computer device get hacked or stolen, IT administrators can remotely utilize ReM 4.0 to wipe the device.  This breaks the bond between the compromised device and the server, minimizing chances for further intrusion.          
ReM 4.0 also offers the luxury of controlling IT activities and ensuring proper device functionality through a single dashboard.  This saves enterprises a large chunk of money and time by reducing the need for physical space and an excessive number of IT administrators.  Remote device control has expanded to supply admins with the ability to control entire sets and subsets of mobile barcode scanning devices while tracking individual devices and their travel routes.  Businesses searching for a device management software platform that offers faster software updates, simplified training, seamless deployment and more can find it all wrapped in a pretty little ReM 4.0 package.     

Specific Mobile versus Scanning Device Management Benefits

Because ReM 4.0 integrates device management for both mobile devices and industrial barcode scanners, there are specific benefits for each niche.  Supportive and powerful, ReM 4.0 for mobile device management answers the call for enhanced metrics, redesigned web consoles, help desk tools, automated alert notifications, asset management, device provisioning and much more.  Multi-vendor and mobile operating system support covers mobile personal and company devices running on Microsoft®, Windows®, Google®, Android® and Apple® iOS operating systems.  This includes popular devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Series and the DolphinTM 70e Black

Boasting many of the same features as mobile device management, ReM 4.0 supplies barcode device management managers with additional benefits.  From reduced carbon footprints to shortened resolution time to optimized IT capital expenditure scanning, this industry-leading device management software platform minimizes scanner downtime and deployment costs.  With the amazing ability to administer control over any data collection device within a network from anywhere in the world, ReM 4.0 really is the total package.