Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Dedicated Wireless Barcode Scanners Help a Variety of Vertical Industries

From healthcare to retail to warehousing, wireless barcode scanners fit the bill when considering company needs for cutting-edge mobile barcode reader technology. Quality manufacturers build cordless scanners that are compatible with next generation barcode scanner software for increased mobility, uninterrupted wireless connectivity and advanced barcode scanning security. These industrial barcode readers are industry-ready, featuring extended read range. These barcode readers can read damaged, worn or torn barcodes and withstand extreme environmental conditions. 

honeywell xenon 1900 area imaging scanner

Hand-Held and Cordless Scanners for Hospitals, Doctor’s Offices and Other Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare offices and care centers implement these wireless barcode scanners for added admission efficiency, increased point of care effectiveness and enhanced staff mobility. For instance, the Xenon 1900 Area-Imaging Scanner  (left) features versatile scanning abilities and incredible barcode reading speeds. Durable and lightweight, this particular wireless barcode scanner resists chemical exposure and harsh environments that damage unprotected scanners. Wireless barcode scanners designed for the healthcare industry assist personnel throughout each stage of management. From admissions to point of care, barcode scanner manufacturers are blazing a trail for maximized barcode reading accuracy in the healthcare field. 

Mobile Computers: Transforming Retail & Warehouse Management

2d barcode example
New 2D barcode scanner software technologies are revolutionizing POS (Point of Sale) management. An example of a 2D (two-dimensional) barcode is located to the right. A wide array of mobile computers are streamlining checkout processes, offering restaurants, bars and retail stores integrated wireless barcode scanners that supply lightning fast data capture, increased inventory accuracy and maximized customer engagement. POS mobile computers that scan both linear and matrix 2D barcodes parse through data efficiently while keeping sensitive information secure. Many mobile computers feature integrated Magnetic Stripe Readers (MSRs)  that encrypt customer data.

Effective warehouse inventory management devices require extreme ruggedness and strong industrial design. Robust and durable, industrial mobile devices drive improved mobility and stocking accuracy. Whether a business has needs for voice picking, mobile scanning or remote location reading, industrial grade mobile computers have expanded warehousing management potential. Many can withstand extreme conditions and temperatures. Devices such as the MX9 Cold Storage Mobile Computer can operate under temperatures as low as -22 degrees Fahrenheit, making it an ideal purchase for businesses with temperature sensitive inventory. From being able to survive 6 foot drops to operating in hazardous chemical filled environments, ultra-rugged mobile computers simplify warehousing management tasks in receiving, putaway, picking and packing and shipping departments via efficient, accurate data collection.